EXFM-30-TS Bolt on thumb saddle is a must have for most applications as it allows the operator the ability to use this in conjunction with the machines thumb to pick up large downed trees, rocks, broken down fence sections, old truck axles (yes we have found these while mowing) you never know what goodies are lying in wait under all the brush and blackberries, and move them to the side out of the mowing path. Meant to be an optional add on to the EXFM-30, Excavator Brush Mower. Unlike other manufactures that just “throw steel at it” we have done extensive testing to make ours among the lightest in the industry without sacrificing the strength needed to ensure it’s up to the task. Every operator knows that even a couple of pounds of weight at full reach on a slope is a very big deal and can make a machine become unstable and unsafe quickly. Like all our products our thumb saddles are built with high strength steel and powder coated to help protect your investment for years to come. We recommend having dual auxiliary circuits so the thumb can be operated without having to disconnect the mower from the auxiliary circuit to use. But even without dual auxiliary the Thumbsaddle can be a great tool to help get the job done. Being an option means you can choose to put it on or remove it. We want our customers to be able to adapt their equipment to the environments they are working as in. As we all know not every job is the same.


  • Industrial powder Coat
  • Custom grab design
  • High strength steel

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