back hoe

This dynamic, new to the industry design is a must have for all excavator owners the Excavator 10k Winch Grapple EX-FRW-100. After vigorous testing we are proud to showcase this amazing attachment. The design is the “Swiss Army Knife” of attachments and is a must have for all your forestry and land clearing projects. There is nothing out in the market today like this attachment. This attachment allows the ability to selectively log parts of your property without the need to physically get a machine to the tree you want out, with its 85′ cable you can simply drag the tree out to a landing or up the side of the bank and still be able to stack trees once they are up, rake the area to gather up debris, rip roots and even smaller stumps out of the ground as you go. Its design helps you to be able to shake off the dirt allowing the operator to stack clean and tidy brush piles in preparation for burning or even loading trucks. We recommend excavators that have dual auxiliary circuits as is easier to operate the thumb and the winch without having to disconnect or switch hydraulics. The tine spacing design also works for helping to steer trees that are being cut down guiding them to the area you want the tree to fall in. All the while, having an onboard 10,000 Industrial Hydraulic wrecker style winch with power in and out plus a mechanical free spool system. Designed by Reaper Attachments the Excavator 10k Winch Grapple is ready to handle the rigorous environment that is inherently associated with land clearing. This very versatile attachment allows you to do multiple functions without having to switch between attachments or machines. Manufactured from quality high strength steel and powder coated finish it’s sure to offer a whole new level of performance and cost savings to your arsenal. This design is meant for compact excavators up to 18,000 LBS (Larger excavators please call) this attachment also requires a hydraulic flow of 5 to 25 gpm. The bright Reaper Green color offers easy visibility for the operator and any crew around plus it just looks cool. This will also work for Backhoes.

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